This paranormal series, Blue Pearls, features creatures of the water. The first book showcases a merman. The next... well, you'll see. Enjoy!

This novella, Hot Nights, Wet Dreams, will release on March 22, 2018, by Siren BookStrand. This is a paranormal M/M erotic romance, and it’s available for pre-order in e-book formats by Siren BookStrand.

Here’s the blurb:

"Even at college in San Diego, Chauncey “Chuckles” Sawyer is able to laugh off just about anything. Except when his best friend, Ryan Norton, has sex dreams about him. Awake, Ryan can’t remember doing so. Should Sawyer speak out or remain silent?

Then, Sawyer learns that Ryan is a merman, a supernatural ocean creature. And Sawyer is supposed to be his mate—though he’s not gay or even bisexual like Ryan.

To be with his straight mate, Ryan has sacrificed his happiness to be just a friend to Sawyer. It’s up to Sawyer to test the waters and see if they could be more.

But what happens when Sawyer gets a chance to decide the matter of the mating bond, once and for all, for both of them? And what is the second dangerous secret Ryan is keeping in store for the future?

One thing is certain, though. Their friendship will never be the same.

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]"