These stories, Hopeful Hearts and Lost Heart, are published by Evernight Publishing as e-books. Both are readily available. These stories are contemporary lesbian, or F/F, erotic romances in a series called Hearts.

Mickey and Lily both represent strong, smart women, at the top of their respective fields. Yet only one of them dares to be herself, while the other hides away from the world in insecurity. Mickey's power resonates within Lily, and through their connection Lily's inner strength finds an opening to blossom.

With one adventurous woman and one learning to stand on her own, there are plenty more stories where these came from. Enjoy!

Here's the blurb for Hopeful Hearts, also available on Amazon and Siren BookStrand:

"Shy curator Lily Swan buries herself in books and artifacts of ages long gone to hide away from the world, while brazen adventurer Mickey Slater travels up and down the world seeking obscure relics and treasures.

One night, at a museum party celebrating a new exhibition, Mickey uncovers a secret gem in Lily.

Though dissimilar, the two women strike up a conversation, and agree to spend the night together. Spectacular sex follows, rocking both of their worlds.

The following day brings about revelations and resolutions. It's time for these two strong, smart, and sexy women to show what they’re really made of—and what truths lie in their hearts."

An Amazing Review by Rainbow Book Reviews:

"This story is a gem. It also has enough quality heat to positively singe. There is a rakish, world-class treasure hunter who sees through the socially awkward assistant curator’s surface appearance to approach, engage and propose they waltz out of a stuffy grand opening of a new exhibition to enjoy a wild night. There is a little more back-story that involved “getting a bit of one’s own back” that most certainly added fuel to the wildness. Once again, this short story is a complete gem in its own right and I give it a gold star and thumbs up. And for those folks who like happy endings, this is a wonderful one."


Four Star Review by The To Be Read Pile:

"Oh, Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind...but in this story Mickey is not a man but a female treasure hunter. Lily is the quiet, shy curator who's nursing a broken heart. Together sparks fly but will it last? This was cute story. The heat was smoking and it was well-written. The characters didn’t have much development but I think that’s because of the length. This author did a great job with the genre and I’m excited to read more from her."

Here’s the promo for Lost Heart, also available on Amazon and Siren BookStrand:

“Book Two of Hearts

Lily Swan is a shy curator who has been involved with Mickey Slater, a brazen adventurer, for a while now, and they live together. Late one night, Lily gets a call from Mickey. She’s been arrested for the theft of a fabled jewel of ancient origin, the Heart of Solitude.

As the investigation proceeds, Mickey is seemingly cleared of suspicion, but the case is far from closed. And while the two women have time to enjoy each other’s company in the bedroom, they are also caught in the web of a criminal conspiracy.

And before long, they fall into the line of sight of a thief who is not above murder in order to win. Love should triumph over all—but will it? Lily and Mickey face the challenge of their lives.”